Washable underwear

for small urine leaks

The most sustainable solution
for your daily life!

New generation of products for urine leakage made from 100% organic cotton and dermatologically tested. A reusable, sustainable and healthy alternative, even for the most sensitive and/or atopic skin. Easy to use, wash and reuse.

As easy to use, wash and reuse.

Did you know that pads can take 300 years to biodegrade?

  • Urinary incontinence affects 200 million people worldwide who waste more than 1,000 sanitary pads a year.
  • Masmi Natural Cotton’s washable range is the sustainable, economical and reusable alternative that allows savings of 50% compared to the purchase of disposable products.
  • Reusable products are designed to absorb losses without the use of additional products.

What is its composition?

1 Top Layer

Pure organic cotton in contact with the skin.

2 Absorbent Layer

Four absorbent layers of special 3D fabric for maximum absorption.

3 Anti-leakage layer

Microcapsules trap odour particles.

4 Anti-leakage layer

Waterproof film that prevents leakage for increased safety.

4 Outer layer

Pure organic cotton.

Try them, you will fall in love!