feminine hygiene

Healthy and sustainable menstruation

Introducing the reusable feminine hygiene range that takes care of the environment and your health: Comfortable and safe.

How to use it?

Pads and panty liners:
The light lilac fabric is the one that should be in contact with the skin.

Breast pads:
The label should always remain on the outside.

How to wash and care for them?

  • Wash before first use.
  • Once used, we recommend rinsing and/or soaking them in cold water before washing.
  • They can be washed by hand or machine washed with the rest of the laundry, or in a separate washing bag if you prefer.
  • If you use the machine wash, wash them at a maximum of 40º.
  • For their correct care, it is advisable to use neutral soaps. Do not use chlorine, bleach or fabric softeners. Do not use natural oils or Marseille soap either, as they may affect the quality of absorption.
  • Do not use the tumble dryer as this will reduce its effectiveness.

What is its composition?

1 · Top Layer

The area that is always in contact with the intimate area is made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

2 · Absorbent Layer

The absorbent middle layer is made of a 3D technical fabric, composed of Organic Cotton. This layer is highly absorbent and breathable.

3 · Anti-leakage layer

The last layer is also made of Ecological Cotton, with a very thin polyurethane laminate on the inside. This laminate is waterproof, but at the same time breathable, as it does not allow liquid to pass through, but it does allow condensation to escape.

Try them, you will fall in love!