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New reusable applicator tampon

Why use the reusable applicator?

  • Easy to use: load, use and clean.
  • Discreet, so you can take it with you everywhere.
  • Comfortable, smooth and very slippery insertion.

  • Reusable, up to 3,000 uses.
  • Thousands of euros in savings throughout our fertile life, compared to using tampons with a disposable applicator.
  • Between all Spanish women we would save more than 15 million euros.
  • Respectful of the planet by reducing waste generation.
  • It lasts for many years, during which time women in Spain would have generated thousands of tonnes of plastic waste by using tampons with disposable applicators.

Contents of the pack

1 case
To take with you wherever you go with tampons and applicator.

1 individual pouch
For storing the applicator.

1 reusable applicator
Made of Medical Grade material. Can be used for more than 10 years.

Cottonlock digital tampons
Without applicator. To be used especially with the reusable applicator.

How to use the reusable applicator?

Wash your hands.

Take the Cottonlock™ tampon out of the packaging and stretch the string.

Pull out the pusher and insert the Cottonlock™ tampon into the refill slot of the applicator.

Insert the applicator into the vagina, leaving the string hanging outwards.

Slide the pusher in as far as it will go.

Once used, separate the parts for cleaning and store in the individual pouch for the next use.

Which tampon to use with the reusable applicator?

The reusable applicator is specially designed for use with digital tampons.


  • Made with Organic Cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers.
  • Cottonlock patented system. The absorbent core is completely covered 360º with a safety veil of Organic Cotton that reduces the risk of fibres remaining inside.
  • Hypoallergenic. Helps prevent the risk of irritation and allergies.
  • They do not contain perfumes or viscose. Chlorine-free purified cotton.
  • Product certified organic by ICEA under the GOTS standard.
  • Vegan product. Not tested on animals and no animal ingredients used.
  • Wrapped in recyclable paper, the most environmentally friendly option.

Most of the digital tampons (without applicator) on the market do not have a tampon security veil or are made of synthetic material instead of cotton. When tampons are not fitted with a tampon security cover, there is a risk that the fibres can get stuck in the vaginal wall during use and removal of the tampon, especially when the flow is low at the beginning or end of the period or during heavy periods.

The Cottonlock™ system offers a safety veil made of organic cotton. It wraps 360º around the absorbent core reducing the possibility of fibres remaining on the vaginal walls.

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