Intimate hygiene, ecological, natural and healthy

Feminine hygiene made with organic cotton

Masmi Natural Cotton includes a wide range of natural products made with Certified Organic Cotton and biodegradable materials for Intimate Feminine Hygiene that care for the skin and preserve our environment.

We take care of your health
We take care of the environment

Certified organic products

Unlike other brands, we make an effort to obtain certifications and registrations that guarantee the quality, sustainability, and animal welfare of our products.

You can check the certifications and registrations on each of our products to ensure you are making a sustainable and ethical choice.
The Seal of Cotton es una marca comercial de Cotton Incorporated.

The largest range of environmentally friendly products for intimate health

Washable feminine hygiene

Washable panty liners, sanitary towels and nursing pads.

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Menstrual panties

Made from 100% organic cotton, they absorb like 4 tampons and can be washed up to 100 times without losing their great absorption capacity.

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Washable underwear for small urine leaks

Special 3D fabric that guarantees absorption retains liquid and prevents leakage. Made with certified organic cotton.

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Menstrual cups

The menstrual cup is a natural, ecological and economical alternative, the new revolution!

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Reusable tampon applicator

Reusable up to 1,800 uses, it allows a smooth and easy insertion of the tampon.

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Ecological tampons

Ecological tampons ideal for all types of plan.

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Ecological panty liners

Ecological panty liners ideal for everyday use.

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Ecological pads

Plastic-free pads made from organic cotton.

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Teenagers and light flow

Masmi Girls have been specially designed for teenagers and light flows.

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Natural postpartum pads, organic baby wipes and much more for you and your baby’s care.

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Face and body care

Natural and organic products for face and body care

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Find your Masmi products

Masmi products are sold in herbalist’s shops, health food shops, local health food shops and organic supermarket chains.

Discover the organic alternative for your menstrual hygiene products.

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