Haven’t you heard about our reusable and recyclable applicator ?

Haven’t you heard about our reusable and recyclable applicator?

In Spain, around 700 tonnes of plastic applicator waste is generated every month. Applicators that women use for just three seconds, but which take no less than 300 years to disintegrate. This has led Masmi to launch the first reusable and recyclable tampon applicator, designed and developed in Spain.

The new applicator is made of a recyclable, medical grade material and allows for very easy and slippery tampon insertion. The applicator has a useful life of approximately 4 years, which is equivalent to a saving of about 1.800 disposable applicators during a woman’s fertile life, most of them made of plastic, which are disposed of improperly and end up in landfills because they cannot be recycled properly.

The use of this applicator, which comes in an individual pouch and tampon storage case, is very simple: you load the digital tampon inside, use it and clean it. The reusable applicator is specially designed for use with digital tampons.

Just as we are eliminating plastic bags and other plastic products, we see that thousands of women are still putting synthetic materials such as plastic, cellulose and viscose five days a month in a very delicate part of their bodies. Our mission at Masmi is to offer alternatives to live your period in a way that is sustainable for our environment and healthy for all women. What are you waiting for?