Cotton benefits


Cotton is the most pure fluff fibre, at more than a 95% composition of fluff. Cotton plantations are essential and beneficial to our environment in order to create more O2 and safe guard the ozone layer.

Cellulose is often the main component of the pads that we usually could find in the market, especially for "thicker" pads. Fluff pulp can be obtained from trees in the form of wood particles. The wood particles coming from a tree contain around 50% fluff. Thus, upon conversion from wood to fluff pulp there us an average waste of 50% of the tree. By using cotton products we are helping to prevent unnecessary killing of trees!

The Fluff or Cellulose can be treated mechanically or chemically. The hygienic products go through a chemical process called Chemical-Termomechanical Cellulose (CMTMP). Strong chemicals are used in order to break down the fibres. These chemicals are unhealthy for the body and our environment.


By using cotton products, you are contributing to the prevention of tree felling to obtain cellulose pulp.





With 100 Kg. of cotton we can obtain
95 Kg. of Cellulose Fibres

Annual Plantation




With 100 Kg. of Trees wood treated chemically we can ONLY obtain
50 Kg. of Cellulose Fibres




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